Outlast 2 Day One Impressions

The original Outlast is one of the greatest horror games ever created and arguably one of the best titles on PS4. So naturally, I picked up Outlast 2 as soon as it was released. I am only a few hours in and my initial impressions are IT’S FUCKING TERRIFYING.

Outlast 2 builds on the its predecessor while remaining true to itself. Small tweaks and added features are appreciated but the majority of gameplay remains the same.  There is an obvious graphical improvement. The game is beautiful and atmospheric. The contrast of high and low lighting adds to the suspense of every scene. Running through corn fields while men with flashlights chase you has to be one of the most enjoyable scenes in modern gaming.

 The sound design, much like the original, is top notch. If you do not own a pair of nice gaming headphones it would be a perfect time to invest.  There are few games that take full advantage of sound design the way that Outlast does. The lead character breathes and makes sounds of panic when being chased. I found myself pacing with his breathing on numerous occasions.

As much as I am enjoying Outlast 2 I cannot help but feel that something is missing. Although terrifying, it is much less so than the first. It is possible that Outlast 2 is just as scary but I am just desensitized to it on a second go-around. I have found yet to find myself looking over my shoulder in my dark room; something I did often in Outlast 1. However, I am still fairly early into the game and expect the horror to ramp up as the story continues.

The story seems to be on pace to outdo the original. The characters are more fleshed out and truly give an added reason to stay alive. Outlast 2 is no less than amazing and is accessible to fans of the series and newcomers alike. I anticipate myself loving the game once I reach its conclusion unless, it takes a complete nosedive. Outlast 2 is worth a shot for anyone, but a must-buy title for fans of the survival horror genre.

Run away and Don’t look back,

Caleb Miles