The Lost Bear: PSVR Review

The Lost Bear follows the story of Walnut as she searches for her lost teddy bear and attempts to be reunited with her brother. Odd Bug Studio and Fabrik Games have taken a different approach to VR. They combined a 2-dimensional side-scroller with a 3D VR environment. Essentially, the game is a beefed-up version of theater mode that adds in some motion controls for added interactivity. This description may sound like I am being negative, but it is the reason the game will stick with me.


The Lost Bear is meant to be played sitting. The game starts with the player seated in a chair in front of a large stage. You can look freely around the environment but all the gameplay will happen on the stage in front of you. Think VR Puppeteer. The environment changes to match the action that is happening on the stage. It really helps immerse the player in the world. Dark and creepy images on stage are heightened by the scenery around you. The jovial scenes are enhanced in the same manor.



The game plays like a standard side scroller. Most of the game is spent running, jumping, and solving puzzles. The platforming caused me to die numerous times. I am unsure whether it was because of difficulty or my complete lack of platforming skill. There are some genuinely intense moments throughout the game. 

The Lost Bear is a rather short game that can be beaten in a single setting. However, with a price tag of $12.99, it is hard to pass up. The developers created a game that has no reason being in VR and somehow made me realize it’s exactly what I wanted. There is no other experience quiet like it in virtual reality as of yet.

7 out of 10